Fiction Editing and Developmental Critique

I have been writing fiction seriously since 1997. I have sold several short stories, primarily to periodicals, and have written and edited two short story collections. I have been in a number of critique groups over the past 20 years, and have assisted fellow authors improve their writing and get their short stories and novels published.

My areas of expertise include young adult and adult speculative fiction (fantasy, fairy tale, science fiction, and dark fiction/horror).  I am available to work with short story, novella, and novel length work.

Prices and Services
Overview reading – $30 per hour
This is less intensive than a proofread or a critique, and helps identify the big picture successes and general areas to focus on (like plot and character) rather than every comma-splice and typo. If you haven’t gotten to work with other writers or beta readers, this may be a good route to go because it starts you on the process of improving your writing without drowning you in the details.

Basic proofreading/line editing – $35 per hour
Proofreading includes grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and tightening of language. You can expect me to get through 4-12 double-spaced pages (500-2,000 words) per hour, depending on the state of the manuscript. This proofing can be done on paper or digitally (via e-mail or Google Doc).

Developmental editing with or without critique – $45 per hour
Developmental editing includes basic proofreading and in-depth revision recommendations including consistency, order and style. I will identify missed opportunities and areas for expansion and cut redundancy or unnecessary content. You may request an in-depth critique of the manuscript, including an assessment of plot, style, character, narration, description, dialogue, and consistency (see below for a sample).

You can expect me to get through 2-8 double-spaced pages (500-2,000 words) per hour, depending on the state of the manuscript, with a little extra time on the end for constructing the critique if included. The proofing component can be done on paper or digitally (via e-mail or Google Doc), and the critique will be e-mailed as a separate document.

Sample critique of a short story:
Sample short story critique