My name is Shareen Mann, and I am a writer and editor with a wide range of experience. My specialty is ensuring consistency of content presentation, tailored for your target audience. I hold a bachelor of arts in journalism from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. I have been a professional fiction writer since 1998, with multiple short story publications and two short story anthologies in print. My developmental editing has helped several writers sell their short stories and novels.

After 19 years in a medical education facility, where technical writing was part of my routine duties, I elected to move to a freelance career in January 2017. My expertise extends from very small tasks involving 250 words or less, to large scale procedural manuals covering over 100 topics and requiring multiple outputs (print, digital, and web based) to full fiction novels.

I recognize that creative projects often move in unexpected ways. I take pleasure in identifying and rectifying issues as they arise, ideally before they become problems. Trouble-shooting is a critical component during the creation or revision phases of documents, manuals, and training tools.

I can more fully meet a project’s needs with a clear understanding of its scope. I have experience with poorly defined projects, giving me the skills to identify the scope of a project and parse it out into smaller tasks. This can make initially vague and overwhelming projects clear enough for me to meet even tight deadlines.