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Shareen was quick to respond, knows how to make stuff sound good, and polite.

Honors Program Essay Writing – Review

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I was thrilled with how The Writing Mann was able to take an average essay like mine and transform it into something much more interesting, comprehensive, and very well written. I couldn’t be happier. I would definitely use this service again. Thank you.

Scholarship Essay Editing – Review

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She was very accommodating and helpful. She listened well to what expectations were and was very friendly.

Psychology Today Online Bio Writing – Review

I really enjoyed working with The Write Mann, LLC. Shareen was very knowledgeable and professional.

PhD Personal Statement Writing – Review

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She was very professional and quick to respond. We completed the paper through googledocs and it was so slick. I am really happy with the outcome of my paper.

Residency Personal Statement – Review

Shareen did a wonderful job working with me and my prose. I look forward to working with her in the future!

Fiction Developmental Critique – Review

I  thoroughly enjoyed working with Shareen. She helped me write my statement of purpose for a doctoral program. Shareen is prompt, professional, and the quality of her work is superior. I will defiantly use her for other projects I have in the near future.

PhD Personal Statement Writing – Review

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I am very happy with the results of her hard work. She was very quick to respond and was professional the entire time. She was very flexible and paid attention to my comments and feedbacks. I ended up having a very well written paper. I recommend her to anybody needing any type of writing done for school or work applications.

Residency Personal Statement Writing – Review

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Shari was fantastic to work with! She brought a clarity to our procedure manual that I never knew could exist. She kept everyone informed of progress, made sure I knew what she needed to keep working on schedule. She spent time to fully define the scope of the project, drew up a very detailed list and timeline, and assigned work as needed. Her careful planning and organization was initially really frustrating for someone who just likes to “get in there” and get it done, but in the end, this is exactly what it took to get the manual completed rather than just another step further down the road. I will certainly hire her again for future revisions, new projects, and putting the whole thing up on line!

Procedure Manual Writing and Editing – Review