Procedure and Process Instructions and Manuals

Process instructions and procedural manuals are one of my specialties.  I have written instructions for both individual and groups of processes.  My target audiences have ranged from high school graduates to PhD professionals, sometimes including both ends of the literacy scale at the same time.

I have built full procedure manuals from scratch as well as editing and adding to existing manuals, usually for a specific job or class of jobs.  My ability to pick up new processes and systems quickly and thoroughly, while keeping the new learner perspective, helps me ask the right questions, ensuring essential information makes it into the final product.

I can provide an output that meets your specific needs, whether that’s printable, interactive Word or PDF, or web-based.  In some cases I have provided multiple outputs to accommodate the varied technological comfort levels of the audience.  As procedures and processes can change over time, it is my preference to create a manual that is easily updated once I’m no longer in the picture.

Allow me to organize and present your content in a way that is logical for your specific readers. My ability to compartmentalize information, showing how processes are similar, minimizes overload while enhancing comprehension of the material.

Samples of past manuals: