Grant Writing

After many years away from grant projects, I have renewed my interest in this work. In 2017, I spent six months writing a manual for the grant managers of an inner-city school district, and I have a working understanding of Uniform Grant Guidance (Title 2 CFR 200).

Between 1997 and 2016, I was responsible for the accreditation process in medical residency program. Annual reporting and periodic site visit paperwork was much like a high-level complex grant, requiring statistics, analysis, project description, and future plans.

The $40 hourly rate in this quote covers assembling a complete grant package, proofed and ready for submission. For the initial draft, I will request the information that allows me to tailor responses and descriptions to accurately reflect your project, while avoiding a cliche or boilerplate feel. You will have the opportunity to review the application in draft stages and between information requests, as desired.

This particular work is best conducted digitally (via e-mail or Google Doc).